About Us

About US

T| solutions is a software development company established to support businesses in the Middle East by utilizing state-of-the-art information technologies, to provide high quality, innovative solutions.
Since its foundation, T| solutions has been craving for excellence; maximizing the value of our products and constantly ensuring that we meet the needs of the most discerning customer.
Our team includes highly experienced business consultants who ensure that our solutions incorporate correct and best industry standards to business process guidelines, at the same time our solutions are flexible enough to meet individual customer exceptions,T| Solutions has successfully partnered with its clients to provide the perfect IT solutions, leaving the business to focus on its daily business needs and challenges.

At T Solutions our vision is to be a key player in the middle east as a business solution provider by supplying our targeted segments with the most extensive, robust and reliable business solutions, to help them identify and address their needs, and realize their full potential.

We are committed to partner with our clients to help them find the solutions they need to grow and expand.  We are driven by integrity, honesty, and excellence, and always aim for self-improvement. We thrive on challenges and pride ourselves on seeing them through. We hold ourselves accountable to our customers, shareholders, partners, and employees by providing a win-win relationship where we honor our commitments, and constantly strive for the highest quality.