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Innovation is more than developing software, its developing breakthrough technologies and best practices that shape IT trends.
Lifecycle of a software product looks similar to that of a human. In the beginning, products are like toddlers as they can do very few things. Then they learn to walk and to talk, then adolescence comes and then maturity. Who is a parent to this child, then? Who helps it stand up and walk, who provides the support? Which environment is needed by a software product to thrive and to grow from a toddler to a teen, at least? There’s one answer to these questions: a vision that the product’s masterminds share with the rest of the world.
Something similar stands true for software products. If they are born and grow up in a soil fertilized by a mainstream vision, they are lucky.
The last decade, software developers have made a number of significant transitions in software development. Many developers have shifted platforms, from client/server to windows to mobile and then on to cloud platforms and they have shifted methodologies from waterfall to agile.
@ T|Solutions we believe in continuous improvements, continuous R&D and working under the innovation umbrella.
Some of our innovation techniques through our roadmap:

  • RFID, utilization of RFID throughout some of our current systems reaching better and effective solutions for the enterprise.
  • Hand Held and mobile solutions.
  • Cloud Computing and SAAS.
  • DMS, Document Management system.
  • Ecommerce solutions.
  • – Others