Galaxy Manufacturing Flexible Manufacturing System to address your specific Industry.


The manufacturing suite contains several modules addressing all manufacturing related aspects for different business sectors. Manufacturing is designed to suit both manufacturing types Process and Discrete and both manufacturing methods make to stock and make to order.

The suite includes many modules concerning the production control, production planning, Quality Control, maintenance and others.

  • The system completes the total cycle starting from defining BOM/Recipes (Bill of Material) for items to Routing methods and detailed data for each phase and many other basic manufacturing data needed, such as factory calendar and work centers calendars, shifts, production lines, and parallel / series operations, overlapping ….etc.
  • Then planning procedures must take place starting from MPS [Master Production Schedule], indicating your production plan schemes, to MRP [Material Requirements Planning], indicating your raw materials and semi-finished availability whether on hand or prospected depending on planning data for every item, then CRP [Capacity Resources Planning], indicating the manufacturing capabilities and capacities.
  • The system captures the actual data of production thru the SFC (Shop Floor Control) to be addressed as deviation from the original plans, hence giving you better control on your manufacturing facilities.
  • Thru out all the above procedures, the system will consider Production Costing with all of its related aspects and will be integrated with the financial modules for costing reporting needs.
  • Manufacturing did not miss out the QA (Quality Assurance), all related QA data is captured within the system (Norms, Samplings, Tests, Results…..etc). As well it is integrated with other parts of the system (INV, Sales, SFC…etc).

The final touch would be integrating manufacturing modules with Maintenance to get the best from your machines and equipment. By relating production plans with Preventive maintenance plans.



  • Multi-BOMs for each finished or semi-finished product.
  • Multi-Routing for each finished or semi-finished product.
  • Factory Calendar and work centers calendars.
  • Shifts Capabilities.
  • Production Orders types.
  • Forward and backward planning.
  • Production Orders status.
  • Multi-Costing methods.
  • QA processes handling
  • Multi-Overheads definitions.
  • Overlap operations.
  • Handling Multi-Manufacturing types.
  • Suitable for different manufacturing business sectors.
  • Planning levels, and time patterns definitions.
  • Multiple production lines in the same production order.
  • Full integration between sales orders and production orders.
  • Full integration between planning and production.