Galaxy Property Management Manage your properties efficiently with Galaxy property & fund management


Real estate business has never been that tough, comparative and challenging as it is today.

Real estate companies struggle in that tough market to manage properties and to satisfy the “always” changing clients’ needs.

Galaxy Property Management has been created to enable real estate companies whether owners of properties or agents to effectively and efficiently manage various types of properties, be it a mall, residential building, offices building, high class compound or industrial complex.

With Galaxy Property Management it is possible to market, sell, rent or lease any unit in any property.

Galaxy Property Management would be the electronic brain for your business with a vast memory that includes:

  • Properties data • Renting / Selling process • Collection of installments / Collection of rent • Facilities and services • Owners statements • Maintenance

The Building Blocks

  • Property Management [Real Estate] • Fixed Assets • Sales Management • Accounts Receivable • Fund Management


Projects, classification, phases

High class compound, mall, industrial complex or any other project.

Properties, data, specifications

Residential buildings, offices, outlets or any other property with all of its needed specifications..

Owners, agents, clients

Define projects and properties owners, agents and clients.


automate your offers to clients.

Sell & Rent

selling processes and renting processes.


Cash Processes, installments management & rent management.


Managing additional services… security, trash, water delivery, electricity …etc..


managing interior & exterior services.

Marketing, customers’ loyalty

Expose your projects over the web, gain customer loyalty.